An introduction:

Mosaic is purely handmade artwork. Made of natural stones whose colors are not affected by changes in climate or sunlight. so applicable images, inscriptions and paintings are immortalized in it for ages. To tell stories (we were here before). 

It is the first alphabet of man that still exists today.

As I am a love of handmade artwork. and especially for mosaic art. 

I decided to release the love for this fine art on my website in cooperation with craftsmen with experience in this art and some artistic touches of my choice. 

I present to you artistic mosaic paintings with purposeful artistic themes that talk about freedom, peace and beauty. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

From the factory:

The stone organizers is a group of craftsmen who provide expertise in finding the natural colors of the stones and arranging it to look as close as possible to the real picture. 

They are people like flowers that grow from within the ruins of my country who are the true heroes of this art project. They are from Syria.

Main components:

As all mosaic panels are composed of natural stones of natural colors and natural marble. That is why it keeps the immortality of the images inside.

What you need to know:

We can manufacture all panels, shapes or logo in various sizes. 

Simply whatever you think of you can suggest, and in consultation together we can achieve.

Example product


Example product


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