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"Discover the Artistic Vision from me of "World Art Feras Dahhan", lover of Metal Sculpture and Mosaic wall art Design.

"I am Feras Dahhan a skilled artist and experienced metal sculptor", known for his unique vision and passion for creating art that celebrates freedom, humanity, and beauty. I had my own operator in Syria. Because of the war I moved to the Netherlands in 2015, and I continue what my favorite artworks I do.

As a lover of metal art, I have a deep understanding of the medium and a gift for incorporating it into his in designs and decor more personal style, in a way that results in unforgettable pieces. From grand metal sculptures to intricate mosaic wall panels, I have the skill and artistic vision to turn any space into a true masterpiece.

We are World Art Feras Dahhan a company licensed in the Netherlands for craft artworks, and dedicated to bringing his clients' vision to life. Whether you're a professional interior designer seeking to enhance a space with one-of-a-kind pieces or simply a lover of art, I am here to help. I welcome new ideas and am always eager to work with clients to bring their vision to life.

So if you're looking for a truly talented artist who can help you bring your ideas to life, look no further than Me in World Art Feras Dahhan. Enhance your space with the beauty off metal sculpture of mosaic wall art design"

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World Art Feras Dahhan.

Feras Dahhan.

KVK: 78492785.

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