Who are we


Hello, I am Feras Dahhan. I work in the field of metal sculpture, design and implementation of decoration.(The art of wrought iron)

Earlier I worked in this field for a long time. I had my own operator in Syria. Because of the war I moved to the Netherlands since 2015 and try to follow what I was doing and I love it.

I have experience in using different materials such as metal (which is my broadest experience), wood, fabric upholstery and Epoxy as well.

I have special ideas to incorporate them and get beautiful things.

My ideas express freedom, humanity and beauty. And used my ideas in decoration such as design, furniture and metal sculpture. I am open to accepting opinions and cooperating with everyone to implement new insights and anything.

In fact, these are my artworks that express my aspirations and what i can do. But i have a real desire to work with more challenging people and test new capabilities in designing and executing artworks.

Thanks for visiting the site. 

My greetings,


World Art Feras Dahhan.

Feras Dahhan.

KVK: 78492785.

BTW:NL  003337424B83.

1106 EC, 95, Amsterdam.


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