Rijksmuseum "Mosaic wall art"




For "mosaic art panels of World Art Feras Dahhan" we offer most of
the panels with a diameter of
50 cm.  

Its thickness is 4 mm.  

It is a stone and marble of natural colors in most cases. 

How much can be put on a wooden art board of our own making.  

As in the last picture on the board.  

The dimension of the plank is:

80 cm long x 60 cm wide.  

The farthest from the upper bar: 

80 cm long x 18 cm wide.  

The thickness of the wood is 18 mm.  

It is a natural antique wood decorated with handcrafted polyester material. 
The style of commentary is added to it in a professional artistic way. 

The wood panel price €400 can be discounted if you want to get only the mosaic panel.

The mosaic panels come  with a cardboard box for shipping.